How to Start a Chainsaw in an easy way (Step by step guide)

Hay, are you a chainsaw user? Do you have any clear idea, how to start a chainsaw in the right way and safely?

If it’s not, let’s have a look at this topic.

All Chainsaw users know that there are three types of chainsaw in the market Gas Chainsaw, Corded Electric Chainsaw, and battery power chainsaw. 

Corded electric chainsaw and battery power chainsaw are much easier to run than the gas chainsaw. Just hold the handle strongly and touch on the push switch, then it will be started. On the other hand, gas chainsaw starting rules are more difficult than them.

But every chainsaw has to follow some rules before it starts. Users also have to follow some instruction at the running time and the stopping time of the chainsaw.

Follow this guide of ” How to start a chainsaw ” from the beginning to end.

How to start a chainsaw

Preparation before start

1. User Manual: The first work of a chainsaw operator is reading the User Manual of the chainsaw. If an operator thinks that he knows the user manual, then they are wrong. Because every chainsaw brand and model is different from other models. There are many things in the chainsaw that changed with its model. So read the user manual sincerely and properly.


2. Personal safety: At first, operators have to wear their safety gear properly. There is no way to deny this issue. Because it is related to their life, the user would wear vibration absorbing and chainsaw chain protecting gloves, ear protective equipment, safety boots, chaps, goggles, and helmet with face protection.


3. Cleaning: Keep clean your chainsaw and chainsaw bar. There are many types of grits, wood chips, or other dust not allowed on the chain bar, which can prevent the chain movement. If the chain feels resistance on its way, then the chainsaw can’t reach their maximum capacity, and there is a big chance to make an accident for this.

Move the chain manually so that it will be clear that the chain is moving freely or not. If not, then take proper steps to run it.

4.  Fuel: Fill the fuel tank by the gasoline and oil mix. The ratio of gasoline and oil is written in the user manual. Usually, 40:1 or 50:1 ratios are used in the chainsaw. Check the bar oil lever. If it is low, then fill the oil on it. 

Starting the Chainsaw

1. Place the Chainsaw: Place the chainsaw on the plane ground surface. Never try to start in on the hand or hanging position. Put your feet on the lower handle and catch the upper handle by the left side.

If you didn’t find any sweet-able place, then there is another way or rules to start a chainsaw. Place the chainsaw’s back handle between your two legs on the upper side of the knees and hole the front handle by your left hand.


Follow one thing that chain bar and chain are not touching your body or other things which can make the resistance of its rotation.

Use the chain break at the starting time. It will reduce the spinning of the chain. Turn the switch on and fully open the choke by moving the knob so that the choke can regulate the air and fuel mixture, which goes to the engine.

2. Prime fuel: Most of the gas chainsaw has a primer used to purge air from the gas line. So check whether your chainsaw has a primer or not. If it has then pressed the primer for a few times (it between three to five) or until the bulb surfers and when the fuel enters into it, you can see it. The primer bulb creates a flow of fuel from the tank to the carburetor.

3. Drag the starting cord: Your left hand and right leg are engaged with the chainsaws top and bottom handle. In this condition, you have to drag the starting cord by your right hand. You have to drag the cord smoothly, not so fast or slower and you should drag it several times until you hear the starting sound of the engine. The maximum time it starts is two or three drag times.



4. Choke closing: If you realize that the engine failed to start. Then close the choke in half position and try again. Again if it fails to start, try several times (more than two or three times). In this period, the engine would start.

After starting the chainsaw, keep it idle for 30 seconds, if you don’t do this, then the chainsaw could stall out. After 30seconds completely closed the choke.



5. Disconnect chain brake: When the engine is run, you have to realize the chain break. Otherwise, the driver will be running, but the chain will not be moved. So using your right hand disables the chain break.

6. Start work: Now hold the chainsaw with your both hands, and you can continue your work. To begin sawing, use your middle figure of the right side and drag the throttle.


7. Stop the running chainsaw: If you need a break or after finishing your work, you need to stop running the chainsaw. Then you move your middle figure from the tiger switch and off the off/on the switch. Then the machine will be entirely off. If you want to start the machine again, you have to follow the procedure first.


8. Warm engine start: Sometimes, after taking a small rest, you need to start the chainsaw again. But for the previous running of the chainsaw, the engine became warm. In this condition, if again, you need to start the machine, then you need to follow the procedure from the first. But while the engine is warm so no need to open the choke. You pull up the starting cord, and the machine will be started again.

Subject of avoiding

Starting time of a chainsaw, you need to follow some rules strictly. On the other hand, you also need to avoid some topics when you start a chainsaw. Let’s take a look below about it.

1. Never drop start: Drop start called when you hold one handle of the chainsaw and use another hand to pull up the starting cord without using your legs anywhere. In this starting situation, the chainsaw was not stable, and there is a big chance to cause an accident. So always try to avoid this type of work.

2. Avoid touching starter cord: Starter using time cord always try to hold the handle of the starter cord. Never try to start the machine by worming up the cord with your hand. Try to keep a distance from this.

3. Dirty condition: Never try to start the chainsaw, when the bar of the chainsaw is dirty. Sometimes wood chips are clinging between chain and bar. So clean it sincerely before starting the chainsaw. Otherwise, it could make a kickback.

 So we hope you got the answer of ” How to start a chainsaw?” which will help you and you will not face much problem next time to start a chainsaw though all chainsaw machines are different from each other.

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