How to Measure a Chainsaw bar [ Full Guide of Bar Measurement ]

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Do you have any idea how to measure a chainsaw bar? Don't worry if you don't. We wrote about it in detail here. Are you excited to know it!

Okay. Before you learn it, you have to know why you will measure a chainsaw bar? Otherwise, what is the reason to know it?

So let's start to know.

Why will you measure a chainsaw bar?

For the long time use of a Chainsaw, some of the parts decry their action capacity. At that time, you need to replace the parts for better performance.

So when it happened with the chainsaw bar, you need to change it. But the problem will create if you lost the user manual of the chainsaw. Then you need to measure the chainsaw bar manually, and it is very important.

Why is chainsaw bar measurement so important?

If you buy a chainsaw bar bigger than your real size, it will suffer you much. A bigger-sized cutting bar needs much power absent in your chainsaw, and the machine will be destroyed immediately.

On the other hand, if you use a smaller chainsaw bar from your real size, then it will be a waste of power of your chainsaw, and it could not fulfill your requirement. That also be harmful to you.

There is no reason to be worry because we are here to solve the problem.

There are two types of length for measuring. One is a sufficient cutting length or called length, and another one is the right length.

Effective cutting length

chainsaw bar length measurement

Another name of sufficient cutting length is called length. To measure it, just take a measurement tape and hold it to the end side of the bar and stress it to the base.

That means base (where the bar attached with the chainsaw) to tip length is called effective range.

If you got a fractional number at the measuring time, then change the number to the nearest round number.

For example:

If you got 11 ¾ inches of your measurement number, then it will be 12 inches.

On the other hand, if you got 16 ½ inches of your measurement number, then change it to 18 inches.

The reason for this number is, there is no odd number in the chainsaw bar. So you have to convert it nearest emphasis number.

True length

Chainsaw bar True length

The correct length is called the actual length of the chainsaw bar. To measure the exact length of your bar, you need to open your chainsaw and remove the bar. It is an effortless way to remove it. You just remove to nuts of the side panel then remove the bar.

With a measurement tape, measure it end to end, which number you got that is the right length or actual length of the bar. Here you no need to adjust the height.

Take action to replace the chainsaw bar.

Now you know how to measure a chainsaw bar, and you also see the bar length of your chainsaw.

Find the bar that matches your chainsaw bar (real and effective) length and buy it for your chainsaw.

How to measure a chainsaw chain length?

Chainsaw chain length measurement

Chainsaw chain length is another critical issue for the perfect combination of the chain and bar length. It is a little bit complicated to measure the chain length than measuring the bar length.

Now you are thinking, how to measure a chainsaw chain length?

You can't buy a chainsaw chain just matching with sufficient bar length. That will be a waste of money, and it also can cause serious injury to you or can damage your chainsaw.

There is a reason for happening this, and that is, there are three measuring parts in the chainsaw chain.

Name of the measuring parts are:

  1. 1
    Number of drive links
  2. 2
  3. 3

Let's know the right way to measure those three parts below.

1. Number of drive links:

Many people are confused about this. Today we are clearing it.

Drive links are central parts to run the chain on the bar. They make the connection between the chain and the bar. If the number of links is low, there is a chance of causing an accident or blocking the string at the bar. So you need to count it one by one from start to end.

2. Pitch

Distance between to drive links is called pitch. To measure it, you have to measure the distance between three rivets and then divide it by two, which number you will get is the pitch. ¼'' and 3/8'' is the typical pitch size. There also some pitch sizes of the chain.


The width of the groove on the chain that fits on the bar is called gauge. Ordinary size of the gauge is .043'', 0.050'' and 0.063''.

You can measure it by spied calipers or measurement tape. If you have no calipers or tape, you can use a very common but effective system for measurement. To use this system, you need a quarter, dime, and penny.

  1. 1
    If the dime slide into the groove without any pressure that called 0.058'' gauge.
  2. 2
    If the penny goes into the groove without any pressure, it is called a 0.043 '' gauge.
  3. 3
    If the quarter slide into the groove without any pressure that called 0.063'' gauge.

Hidden trips of the chain

There is another hidden measurement trip for the chain measurement.

I am sure it will be the most natural, perfect, and acceptable to you and all. Let's know about it.

Hidden trip

When you remove the bar from the chainsaw, you will see a printed written on the chain bars end site, which saves and covered by the side panel. So there is no chanced to erase the written. You will see here written all information for the chain. You follow it and buy a new one with matched with the written description.

For example, you founded the written as like 3/8″ 72 1.3mm/.050″ that means 3/8'' pitch, 72 drive links and 0.050'' gauges chain is used in this chainsaw bar.

You go to the shop and find a chainsaw chain that is matched with the description then buy it. You also can buy the chain from this link ''best chainsaw chain.''

Never buy a chainsaw bar or chain without measuring.

By reading our article, you know how simple it is to measure a chainsaw bar and chain. So if you need to buy a new one, never try to guess the number of links or size of the bar. Always make sure about it they buy it. Otherwise, it will be harmful to you and your machine.

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