How to Clean a Chainsaw Properly (Full Guide)

Do you want to make your chainsaw like new again?

The performance of the chainsaw is decreasing day by day, and you want to increase it. Then this article for you.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the chainsaw keep its Retain youth for a long time. You have to follow the same rules no matter that, your chainsaw is old or new.

How to Clean a Chainsaw

How to clean a chainsaw?

Let's take a look step by step about this topic and make your chainsaw Eternal youth.

Previous preparation before cleaning:

  • Make sure that there is no power before start cleaning your chainsaw.
  • If your chainsaw is a gas chainsaw, then release the fuel from the tank.
  • If it is a battery-powered chainsaw, then remove the battery.
  • If it is a corded chainsaw, then remove the cord from the power supply.

Needed Tools and accessories for chainsaw cleaning:

You need some accessories and tools for the proper cleaning of the chainsaw. those are:

  1. 1
    Chain saw Wrench
  2. 2
    Chainsaw cleaner spray or Alcohol or kerosene
  3. 3
  4. 4
    Cleaning brush
  5. 5

Now take action to clean the chainsaw steps by steps:

How to clean the chainsaw bar

To clean the chainsaw bar, you need to remove the bar first. There is a simple way to clean the bar. There are two nuts right-side panel of the chainsaw. You just use your Wrench and remove the nut. Then the bar will be easily come out with the chain.

Sometimes there is no nut on the side panel, and especially it happens with the electric chainsaw. Rather than an adjustable knob stays there. It used for bar lock and also the chain tension. So if you rotate the inner part of the know at antic lock wise, then the bar lock will be open, and you can easily remove the bar with the chain.

Now remove the chain from the bar and clean the bar with a cleaning brush. Use a knife or grove cleaning tool to remove the dust, which locked in the grove of the chain bar. You have to move the knife or cleaning tool inside of the forest until it became clean rightly.

You also have to use a screwdriver or something like this to clean the bar's oiler hole.

You also can use soap water if the bar becomes moderate dirty. In that case, you need a towel or jute garments to clean the water from the bar. you can visit here to see it

How to Clean the chainsaw Chain

To clean the chain, you need a one-gallon water ammonia solution. You have to keep the string in the solution for 10 to 15 minutes. One thing remembered here that it happens in a well-ventilated area. You can use a brush for better cleaning of the chain. But at that time you have to wear rubber gloves for your hand's safety.

Now remove the chain from it and drop it in the freshwater to cleaning the solution. You can use a towel or jute to dry the chain.

Now liquidate the chain in the chain oil for the three hours then remove it. You can use a paper towel to cleaning the dropping oil.

One essential thing you have to follow here is that if the chin is not, sharpened correctly then sharpen it by a Professional chainsaw sharpener. If you need a new chainsaw chain, you can buy the best quality chain by following our best chainsaw chain article so that there will be no chance to lose when you buy a chainsaw chain. You can visit here to see it.

How to Clean a Chainsaw spark plug

For the gas chainsaw, you need to check and clean the spark plug. Using the Wrench, open the top cover, and remove the spark plug. Check the electrodes of the spark plug. If it is dark brown, then there is no problem, or if it became black, you have to clean it properly. Otherwise, change it that will be better for the chainsaw performance.

How to Clean Chainsaw air filter

To clean the air filter, you need to open the top cover and remove the air filter. Now using a 1inch or 2-inch painting brush, clean the hole filter.

If the filter would be so much dirty, then liquidate it into the water and clean it. But before installing it, you must have to dry it very well.

How to Clean Chainsaw cooling fan

This option is only for the gas chainsaw. To clean the cooling fan, you need to remove the side cover. Now using a soft 2-inch-wide painting brush, clean it sincerely. You also need to check the starting cord of the chainsaw that there no dust or chips are not attached to it.

How to Clean Chainsaw Carburetor

Carburetor cleaning is another one of the essential cleaning work. For cleaning the carburetor, you have one the top cover then removes the top cover and filter. Now using a wrench bring out the carburetor.

Now using carburetor cleaner, you have to clean the outer body of the carburetor. Then using a screwdriver, open it and remove the gasket of the carburetor.

Now you can clean it by the ultrasonic cleaner or carburetor cleaner. An ultrasonic cleaner is the best for better cleaning, but if you have not it, you can use carburetor cleaner.

After cleaning it, you have to dry the carburetor by air blowing. It will be better if you use a new gasket for the carburetor. Otherwise, you can use an older one. Now reinstall it on the chainsaw. You can see here it.

How to Clean Chainsaw Powerhead

By using a knit dry and clean cloth, clean all body of the powerhead.

Now clean the crankcase, clutch drum, and bar studs by using a 1'' paintbrush. You also can use a screwdriver to clean the stuck, which firmly attached to the powerhead body.

How to Reassemble Chainsaw Parts

Now assemble all the parts of the chainsaw which you removed from the chainsaw and do it very carefully.

When you assemble the chainsaw bar and chain, you must check the tension of the string.

If you want to know more about the chain bar installation, check How Tight Should a Chainsaw Chain be?

After completing reassemble the chainsaw, you will realize the improvement of the chainsaw. It will perform better than the previous one.

At last, we will say, following our instruction step by step, if your chainsaw had no improvement, then you need to buy a new Chainsaw. You can visit here to buy an new Chainsaw.

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