Earthwise Chainsaw (14 in. 9-Amp Outdoor Electric Chainsaw)

Hey, 🙂 :)Are you searching for a smart and durable chainsaw at a reasonable price?

Is your budget not higher, but you need a more massive chainsaw? The Earthwise chainsaw is perfect for you. you can also choice small chainsaw.

The Earthwise CS33016 16-Inch 12-Amp Corded Electric Chainsaw is a smart, durable, and eco-friendly electric chainsaw. It is also low prices but a very effective chainsaw. Though this chainsaw can do more massive work, it is unbeatable for the medium and light work.

Earthwise Chainsaw

So let’s find out the specialty, advantages, and disadvantages of this chainsaw. 


Easy to use

This chainsaw comes with a complete installed. So you have no disturbance of yours to set up the machine. The Earthwise chainsaw parts are completely installed before send it to customers. On the other hand, the starting of this chainsaw is super easy. Starting of this chainsaw is a child play. If you have no experience of running a chainsaw, nevertheless it will be easier for you.

You connect the power cord with the electricity board and push the trigger switch. Then the machine will be run. If you remove your figure from the trigger, then the chain will be stopped.

Chain Adjustment:

Chain adjustment of this chainsaw is so much easy. I am saying this because there are no tools required to adjust the chain on Earthwise chainsaw. There is a chain tensioning wheel on the right side of the chainsaw. You revolve the chain up and downside, then the chain will be lost or tight. Otherwise if you feel more details about chainsaw manual you can see Chainsaw Manual.

Oiling system:

The oiling system is an essential part of the chainsaw. It keeps the chain workable and smooth. So chainsaw operator has to focused on it. But in the Earthwise chainsaw, there is no problem here. Because it has an auto oiling system with a clear glass window. So when the oiling level will below, you can quickly saw it and take proper steps to refill it.

Handle Gripe:

The handle of this chainsaw is comfortable with the rubber gripe system. So when you operate it, it never Slipped from your hand and gave you more accuracy to do your job.

Specification of the Earthwise Chainsaw CS33016 16-Inch 12-Amp Corded Electric Chainsaw

Earthwise CS33014 14 in. 9-Amp Corded Electric Chainsaw

4.3/ 5

Earthwise Chainsaw


30 x 9 x 7 inches


7.3 pounds




This chainsaw is played by 12 AMP motor. It is a powerful motor and comparative with the gas chainsaw. This motor is requiring 120 volts of electricity. Another important thing about this motor is that it never becomes hot when you run it for a long time.

Bar and Chain:

In this Earthwise chainsaw, they used 16 inch Oregon bar and chain. This bar can easily cut out 14inch diameter logs, and there are no tools required for the bar adjustment. The bar changing system of this chainsaw is so much easier than others.


This chainsaw is specially designed for the home and garden work. So the manufacturer was very sincere about the comforts of the operator. Earthwise made their chainsaw lightweight, and the weight of the machine is 9.9 pounds. So it is comfortable for long time work.

Safety Feature:

Lock Switch: There, the manufacturer used a lock switch for controlling the trigger switch. When you de-active the lock switch, then the trigger switch will be work. So it contains the sudden start of the saw.

Low Kickback: There is no system to reduce the kickback fully, but it is possible to make it lower, and the Earthwise CS33016 16-Inch 12-Amp Corded Electric Chainsaw does the same.

Front handle Gourd: In this chainsaw, they use a front handle gourd that can save you and face from the wood particles.

So we can see there that they arrange enough safety systems to make your job risk free and comfortable.


The Earthwise corded electric chainsaw is an eco-friendly chainsaw. There is no much sound in this chainsaw when it is run. So it would help if you no had air protection to save your air form the noise pollution. There is no carbon-dioxide or smoke realized by this chainsaw like a gas chainsaw. So you can use it if you are an environment lover.


The Earthwise chainsaw manufacturers are so much confident about their machines. So that they are providing three years of warranty for their chainsaw. Warranty has three year but if you used it with properly maintenance it will perform better for long lasting. So please used it properly for your benefit.


  • It is a low price chainsaw that never fails your budget.
  •  Tool-less chain tensioning adjustment system.
  • Rubber grip handle makes you more comfortable.
  • Less weight makes you relaxed for long time work.
  • There are no difficulties to operate this machine.


  • It is not possible to work so far from electricity supply.
  • Sometimes longer cord creates problem to do your job properly.
  • There is some oil leakage issue in this chainsaw.

This chainsaw is perfect for whom?

  1. 1If you have no enough budget.
  2. 2If you have a proper electricity supply in your working area.
  3. 3 If you have medium and light type work.
  4. 4 If you have no much time for maintenance.
  5. 5If you are aware of our environment.

This chainsaw is not perfect for whom?

  1. 1If you want to do heavy type work regularly.
  2. 2If your working area is far from the electricity supply.
  3. 3If you have enough budget to buy a heavy-duty chainsaw.


At the end of this article, we can say that this chainsaw is unstoppable and unbeatable for the light and medium type work. So if you have that type of work you can buy it without zero percent of doubt. This machine will make you profitable very soon if you are an owner of the Earthwise chainsaw. If you use your chainsaw for long lasting you must have to Clean Your Chainsaw properly. Then it will perform better. Some time if your chainsaw wont run you can see Complete Solution Of Running issue


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