Earthquake Chainsaw Review (45cc Viper Engine and 18-Inch Bar)

Earthquake is a trusted and renowned name in the chainsaw industry. They achieved their dignity by their performance and their durability. For which Earthquake chainsaw became acceptable to all.

Earthquake CS4518B Chainsaw is a Gasoline-Powered Chainsaw with an 18inch long bar and they gave a one-year warranty for their customer.

Earthquake Chainsaw features

Earthquake Chainsaw Review

Cutting Speed: 

It is a high-speed chainsaw. This chainsaw has an excellent cutting ability. You would understand this by a simple example. We made a field test with this chainsaw, and it took only 26 seconds for two species of oak woods 10” diameter logs.


The earthquake chainsaw can reduce kickback intensity. It also has a hand brake system, Which can stop the chain in a moment.


Vibration is one of the significant problems for the chainsaw user. Users feel very bad filling for this.

But an earthquake chainsaw user never faced this type of problem because this chainsaw has anti-vibration technology.

At this time, there is no technology to make vibration zero. But it is possible to reduce it, and the earthquake did precisely this thing.

Convenient primer bulb:

In this chainsaw, they use a suitable primer bulb. That means, the primer bulb mixed fuel and air properly and pushed to the carburetor so that the carburetor got proper fuel and can do its job properly.

Bar and Chain:

Origin brands 18” bar and Chain are used here. There is no need to describe the origin bar and chain. Because they already have a strong position in the chainsaw industry. So there is no doubt about the smooth cut of the wood.

Easy chain adjustment: 

There are no tools or equipment required for the chain adjustment system for this chainsaw.

Chain oiler:

An adjustable auto chain oiler is used in this chainsaw. You do not need to oil the chain manually. You have to focus on the oil level in the tank.

Specification of the earthquake CS451820B chainsaw


viper engine is used in this chainsaw. That it generates more torque on the saw’s chain, so you got faster and smooth cutting from it.


There is a 45cc powerful engine used in this chainsaw, which makes the machine Irresistible.

Bar Length:

There is an 18” bar and chain used in this chainsaw, which can easily cut near about 14” diameter logs.


The capacity of the fuel tank is 18.6oz or 527.3 gm.


Though it is a powerful gas chainsaw, it is a lightweight chainsaw. The weight of this machine is 13.6 pounds only, which is comfortable, especially when you worked a day long with this.


This chainsaw uses gas and oil mixing fuel for the run. They have a standard ratio of oil and gas mixing, and it is not right to use only gas or oil in it.

Now you have to know, what is the ratio of the gas and oil mixture. How to calculate the ratio?

The earthquake chainsaw used a 50:1 ratio of gas and oil. That means 50% of gas and 1% of oil is used here.

50 to 1 fuel mix chart gallons is provided below: 




1 gallon

2.5 gallons

2.6 ounces

6.4 ounces



How to start the earthquake chainsaw?

At first, you have to add fuel with a 50:1 ratio of gas and oil. Then check bar oil if require then add it. Now enable the chain break and press primer 3 to 4 times until it becomes full. Keep the choke is a fully open position and make secure the operation for this press the chainsaw by legs or keep the chain back handle into your legs. Then pull up the starting rope of the chainsaw. It needs 2 or 3 times to run the engine. Now disable the chain break and start your work.


This chainsaw gives a one-year warranty. But if anybody takes proper care of this machine, it serves the owner in the long run, and it makes many benefits to the owner.


In the end, we can say this chainsaw is better than many other chainsaws in the market. The machine’s price is reasonable and less than many other machines, but the machine’s performance is better than others, even better than those who are much higher prices than the chainsaw.

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