Chainsaw won’t stay running (Complete solution)

Every machine in the world needs routine to maintenance for smooth running. A Chainsaw is not different from others. Sometimes the chainsaw will start but refuses to continue work.

Chainsaw start

Are you facing some problem with your chainsaw like below?

Chainsaw won’t stay running.

Chainsaw starts then dies.

Now the question is,

How do you fix a chainsaw that will stay running?   

Let’s see the probable reasons for the problem and their solution.

Air Filter

Air filter supplies fresh air to burn fuels. If the engine does not get enough air to burn fuels, then it became shut down. It happened when the filter became a block.


At first, remove the air filter, then clean its dust by a blower. Now use kerosene or alcohol to clean it again. If it is a working condition, then set it. Otherwise, buy a new one and fix it. Now check, the engine is working correctly or not.

Fuel Filter

Fuel filter used for refreshing oil/gas. It ensures that the engine gets fresh fuel because the screen cached all dust in the filter. For this reason, the filter became blocked sometimes.


Remove the fuel filter and clean it with vacuums then again clean it by alcohol or kerosene. Then check, it is ok or not. If ok, then set it otherwise arrange a new one and set. Now, trail run the machine if it does not work then follow another way.

Spark Plug

If the above to theory did not work. Then check the spark plug of the chainsaw. Sometimes it could not work because the carbon layer of carbon covered it. So the spark plug failed to work. 


Open the spark plug and clean it with clean jute or brush. Then use quick-drying elements like alcohol or sprit. If it is damaged very badly and could not do its duty, then change it and try to check the run.


Sometimes carburetor of the chainsaw closed for a long time due to less use of the chainsaw. For this reason, carburetor could not do its work, because in this period, fuel become evaporate, and it became thick, and it made resistance due to carburetor work correctly.


Clean the carburetor properly by carburetor cleaner and trail run it. If it failed to do its duty, then change it and bring a new one.


Good quality fuel is essential for engine longevity. After eight weeks of purchasing, fuel became thick because of evaporation, and it’s called lousy fuel. This fuel is harmful to the engine.


Always try to use premium fuel and avoid lousy fuel. Don’t be hesitate about it and change it. It will take longer of your chainsaws life and also save your pocket.

Idle port

There is some unused port in the chainsaw which is responsible for the chainsaws idle position. For the excess use of a chainsaw, this idle port became block or damage. So the chainsaw could not keep running.


Inspect your chainsaw by following a proper routine. If you found any block, clean it immediately by using kerosene or alcohol. Or if you found any damage port, then replace it.


To work properly you must clean your chainsaw properly. See here  How to Clean a Chainsaw Properly.


Previous maintenance is better than after the solution. This theory can save a huge amount of money and make your Chainsaws life longer. You could stay tension free always.

So regularly follow your maintenance routine of the chainsaw. It will help you to make longer your chainsaws life. By any chance, if you faced the problem, “chainsaw won’t stay running,” then follow our instructions and overcome the problem.

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