Chainsaw Instruction Manual

When you are using a chainsaw, then you have to follow some alertness of Chainsaw Instruction Manual to prevent injuries which can cause any time in your work station. You produce dust which is harmful to health and make various type of diseases. So you need to wear protective gear and follow the user roles to prevent this. Suppose if you use stihl chainsaw you must to know  stihl service manual & stihl parts manual pdf. Also we are collecting some safety  instruction manual here it will support your Chainsaw maintenance.

Chainsaw safety manual

During work time, everyone must have to follow some safety. Otherwise, any time any accident will happen for an absent mind. So first we must study chainsaw safety then we need to start work. Let’s go to learn about some chainsaw safety that will save you from an accident.

Electric powered chainsaws operating safety

Never change the adopter in any condition and always avoid adapter plugs with grounded power tools. It reduces the risk of electric shock. Body contract with ground surface makes the risk of electric shock. So avoid body contact with the ground surface. Never work in rainy or wet weather. It makes rick of electric shock. Use proper and quality cord for external use. It would help if you also used an RCD to reduce electric shock.

Gas/Petrol powered chainsaws operating safety.

Gas power chainsaw use outdoor only. Never start this machine in the contrasted or badly ventilations area. It could cause serious injury or death due to asphyxiation or carbon monoxide poisoning. You have to take extreme care in the wet or freezing weather. You also need to wear face and breathing musk to protect yourself from exhaust gases, lubrication oil mist and sawdust containing chemicals which produce from the contrasted area and the chainsaw.

Chainsaw work area safety

Try to keep your work area clean and always work in enough daylight. It would help if you kept children and spectator far from your working area. It can make you lose control.

Clothing and protective equipment of Chainsaw

At the operating time of chainsaw, don’t use loses cloth. There is a chance to intertwine clothes with the running chainsaw, and you need to wear protective equipment before running the chainsaw. Safety equipment’s list is provided below, and you must wear this product before starting the work, which will make a concrete wall against injury. The products are: 

  • Safety helmet with visor.
  • Ear protector for low noise.
  • Chainsaw protection gloves
  • Safety boots
  • First Aid kit in case of injury
  • Safety jackets, pants, and chaps which will protect your legs and body.

Personal safety for chainsaw use

When you are using a chainsaw or any other power tools, then you would be aware of your job. Because a small carelessness can a big physical injury which you would be carried in your whole life. So don’t work with a chainsaw or a power tool when you are tired, or you are in torment or under the influence of drugs or medicine.

Use appropriate personal protection equipment. Dust mask, non-skid safety shoes, safety helmets, hearing protection and some other protective equipment’s with together can reduce injuries.

If you use an electric chainsaw, make sure the start switch is off before connecting electric power.

Extra safety roles for chainsaw

Using the time of a chainsaw, try to keep your body as far as possible from the saw chain. Always hold the handle of the chainsaw by the right hand and left-hand sue to hole reserve handle. It is very rear when it happened contrary. Your operating risk will be the height if you hold it with the contrary hand. In this holding condition, it is very easy to lose control of the chainsaw, which is unexpected.


Always try to avoid using a chainsaw on the tree. Most of the accident has happened in this condition. Check your standing position. If it is fixed smooth not slippery overall, you feel comfortable by standing then operate a chainsaw. Never use it in that position where you will lose your balance.


Sometimes limbs are in under tension, and you need to cut them. Be alert about this because when you cut the limbs, it will throw the spring load which was reserved in the limbs fibre. This spring load can cause a loss of balance of yours and the chainsaw.

You need to follow the instruction properly to give oiling. Chain tensioning and changing of accessories of the chainsaw. Otherwise, it would make shorter the chainsaw life and augment the change of kickback.

Always aware of the handle of the chainsaw that it did not become because of lubricating, oil, grease or other things. It causes fain the control on the chainsaw.

Always carry the chainsaw by holding on the front handle and before carrying it, make sure that the switch is off and away from your body. Before transporting or storing of the chainsaw, make sure it is properly clean then fit the guide bar cover.

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