Best Chainsaw Boots Reviews In 2020 (Best Quality)

Chainsaw boot is a very important part of safety gear for the recommended chainsaw safety system. This boot is not like other boots. It’s specially designed for the protection of the feat of the operator from the unfortunate accident which was happened at the time of Chainsaw work. 

Table of Contents1 Best Chainsaw Boots Reviews2 1. Viking Footwear Class 2 Chainsaw Caulked Boot3 2.  Rock Fall RF328 Chatsworth Black Chainsaw boots4 3. Viking Footwear Bushwacker Waterproof Steel Toe Chainsaw Boots5 4. Viking Footwear Firefighter Chainsaw Waterproof FR Boot6 There are some tips to find out the best quality safety boots7 Summary of the basic rating of the safety boots:8 History of Chainsaw boots

Best Chainsaw Boots Reviews

Viking Footwear Class 2 Chainsaw Caulked Boot

4.9/ 5

Chainsaw  Boot

Special Features

Ultra flexible: Exceeds 305,000 Flex Rating


100% Rubber



Rock Fall RF328 Chatsworth Black Chainsaw Boots

4.6/ 5

Rock Black Chainsaw boots


Rubber sole

Special Features

Waterproof and breathable Sympatex lining.



1. Viking Footwear Class 2 Chainsaw Caulked Boot

Viking footwear chainsaw boot is one of the most choice-able, low prices and great features chainsaw boot. These boots can protect your feet from the chainsaw cut and it also helps you to protect your feet and leg from the trees logs. Which can be suddenly accidentally dropped on your feet. It is made by 100% rubber but cotton is inside covered for users’users’ comfort. The top part is made by Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) covered by Natural rubber (NR) which gave the boots longevity. This material gave the boot longevity, crack-free and comfortable. The Styrene Butadiene Rubber protects your feet from the chainsaws accident and Natural rubber protect from the chemical reaction.

Chainsaw  Boot

The heel of the boots is air-cushioned to protect your tarsus from the external impact and shock. The collar and leis are made by rubber with reflection strive and better visibility in dimly lit conditions. These boots also have a steel toe protection so that heavy and sharp type materials can’t hit on the feet of the chainsaw operator. This steel is a compound of bronze and aluminum so that there is no effect on the weight. For the slip resistance, it uses Nitrile rubber which known as better slip-resistant materials. When you are moving on then this Nitrile rubber helps you to keep your foot on the position and age you a better grip on your feet. So you don’t slip at the working time.

2.  Rock Fall RF328 Chatsworth Black Chainsaw boots

The Rack fall RH328 Chatsworth Black Chainsaw Boots are made of Kevlar. Kevlar is simply a super magical plastic. Which can protect bullet knife etcetera? At this point, we know how strong the Kevlar is. The roles of protection from external forces, falling logs, bullet proved and chainsaw cuts are some of the examples.

Rock Black Chainsaw boots

In the chainsaw boots, we think that one of the most important fetchers of this boot protects the toes by the toe cap from the external crush and shock resistance properties. This toe cap is made of metal. So it can protect a large number of the impact of the toes. These boots are certified by the class 3 protection system. Which is sufficient for user protection.

The midsole is another amazing feature of the Rack Fall RF328 Chatsworth Chainsaw Boots. Its made of by alloy of steel materials. So that it became a light weighted chainsaw boots. And this midsole protects our foot from the various type of sharp objects. 

When you climbing into the leader at the working time with a chainsaw then a Vibram grip outsole works to your advantage. When you are working at height than the safety boots securely grip on to the leader and eliminate slips. Ball-bearing eyelets give you an extra facility to pulling the laces through them then trying to up.

Viking Footwear Waterproof Steel Toe Chainsaw Boots

3.9/ 5

Viking Footwear Chainsaw boot


100% Rubber


Heel measures approximately 1.25″ &

Platform measures approximately 0.75″



Viking Footwear Firefighter Chainsaw Boot

4.5/ 5

Chainsaw Boot


100% Rubber


16″ tall

Heel & platfrom approximately (1.25″ & 0.5″)



3. Viking Footwear Bushwacker Waterproof Steel Toe Chainsaw Boots

If you agree to pay extra money to buy chainsaw boots when Viking footwear Bushwacker waterproof steel toe boot is the perfect one. This boot is perfect for any type of weather. It is a waterproof boot so that you can use it in the rainy season. When the weather becomes extreme especially in the winter, then you can use this boot easily and it will be comfortable for you.

Viking Footwear Chainsaw boot

This Viking footwear slip-on design eliminates the need for a laced-up system that takes time to tie up. The heal and an ankle support system reduce the instances of you experiencing ankle rollover. It’s enough arch support to reduce exhaustion when you are working for a long time wearing chainsaw boot.

If you get an offer to work near power lines and you want to do this. Then you have to wear electric shock absorbing safety dresses for your safety. In this case, Viking Footwear Bushwacker Waterproof Steel Toe Boot is the best choice for you. Because this boot has the ability to resistance electric shock up to 18 kilovolts.

As per chainsaw protection low this boot is certified under class 3 chain protection. This means that you can stay safe from the running chainsaw with 28 meters per second speed. On the other hand, 1 steel sheet is added under the toe box to ensure that your toe is safe from sharp objective when you wear this boot.

4. Viking Footwear Firefighter Chainsaw Waterproof FR Boot

Speeding fire in the forest is very dangerous but common. Spraying water is the main method to stop speeding fire in the forest. There is another important method to stop speeding fire. But this method is very dangerous and difficult. The method is to cut the trees and clean the forest around the speeding fire so that the fire cannot go in the long run. But this method is very much difficult and the volunteer needs extra safety to do this work. Because had limited time to complete the job and they had to work in the very hot weather and fire. However, cutting trees in this situation workers needs courage and extra safety or protection equipment.

Chainsaw Boot

These boots are especially needed for the Firefighters who especially need to use a chainsaw on the forest fire. These boots are made by chemical and fire-resistant ability. These boots have extra support and padding in the interior so that its confine ankle rolls over. It also provides arch support so that when firefighters will be working for a long time they feel comfortable with this and there is no pain on their foot ankle or toes. The maintenance of these boots is super easy. There is a pair or rubber strap on top. So you have to pull them upward and you are ready in seconds. If you have no problem in the budget, then Viking Footwear Firefighter Chainsaw waterproof FR Boot is the best choice for you.

There are some tips to find out the best quality safety boots

Toe Cap of Steel

The chainsaw safety boots must have a steel cap on its toe case. It makes your boots heavy but when we are talking about safety from the heavy equipment then this weight is nothing. On the other hand when we are working in the forest then we have to face many difficulties on our toes. Heavily weighted equipment can fall on your feet or there are many things in the forest to hit your toes. So it is a must that your boots have to face all the difficulties and save your feet from all difficulties without having any loss.

Steel cap also has many limitations. Its heavyweight is a big problem for long time work. Metal is a good conductor of heat so it’s become heat very soon and also becomes cooled very soon. So that in the winter this type of boots is not perfect in the snowfall area. This type of boots not also comfortable for the toes.

But now a day’s Special metal alloy is used in the position of the metal. So that the chainsaw boots are more lightweight than previous metal covered in the boots. This ally can protect the toes from the unfortunate accident and it is more comfortable for the operators.

However, when you buy the chainsaw safety boots you have to check that the manufacturer company followed the EN 1SO 20345:2011 safety standard or not. If it’s not then it will be the wrong decision to buy that chainsaw safety boots.

Comfortable and Fit In Chainsaw Boot

The chainsaw boots have to be comfortable and fit with the operator’s feet. If they use tite boots than their feet size than it will be painful for the operator. On the other hand, if they use lose chainsaw boots than their size then it will be a hazard for the operator. Lose chainsaw boots are not the right choice for the operator. Because lose boots can open from your feet any time and it is a hazard for the operators.

Always choose that type of boots that will be light weighted and fit with operators’ feet and they feel comfortable for a long time.

 If you have some problems on your toes then you must sincere to buy chainsaw boots. Then you have to contract with a seller before buy.

If you buy the chainsaw boot from the online then you have to sincere about the proper size and brand other wide you will see that you will be smaller or wide from your feet. Otherwise, you can buy it from the retailer shop. Because before buying you could check it. But now a day it is time spending work that you will go retailer shop to buy and come back. So I think it will be better than you can buy it online and before buy you will contract with then or check customers’ reviews. Then you could save you time and money. Because the nowadays online shop is chipper than retailer shop.


The environment is a very important issue for chainsaw work. Because you have to select the chainsaw boots by following the weather. If you work in the very cooled area then you have to choose that type of chainsaw boots that have a better insulation system. But be careful about over insulation. Because you will use over insulated boots then it will become worn very fast. So at the working time, it’s to-sweat very soon that is a very disgusting feeling for the operator. One thing you have to remember that you will also work with the chainsaw boots in the hot and rainy season. So you have to choose the boots which will be not more insulated or less insulated.

Chainsaw boots must have the water-resistant ability. In the rainy season if you don’t use rain protected chainsaw boots and water inter into the boots at the working time and it happened for a long time then you will face infection on your toes and feet. So be careful about the selection time of chainsaw boots that its rain protected or not.

When you work in the hilly area you have to use good griped chainsaw boots. In the hilly area, a chainsaw operator needs a better grip for better work. So they need to select slippery resistant boots for their work.

If you are a professional woodcutter then you have to sincere at the time of selecting chainsaw boots. You have to use light-weighted chainsaw boots for better comfort. And one main thing is no to consider the quality of chainsaw boots when you are working with a heavy cutter machine.

How To Buy Perfect Boots 

Cleaning of Chainsaw boots

It is very important to clean your boots after finishing work. If you work in the rainy season then the boots are dustier and it also dirty with sawdust, Tree sap, and many other things. So you have to clean it properly and regularly. If you do not do that then your boots will be damage day by day. One thing remembers that it will happen very fast. Some boots are washable and some are not.  So, in this case, you have to keep a brush or rubber for cleaning the boots. The operator has to calculate how many times he has after finishing the work then has to select a cleaning type that he prefers must at his proper time.


It is not true always that costly product is always good. Sometimes cheap rated product is good. You just find that and focus on the features which you want. First, you have to research which elements you want and that is included with all features or not. You will see the product on the internet first. Then we have to focus on the features and boots quality. You just see that and choose one which will have all features and the price will be cheaper than the others. If you buy a big quantity then you have to remember on the warranty. There are many branded chainsaw boots in the market which have to follow all the roles of menu fracturing and choice one of them which have also low price and their quality will be 100%.

Summary of the basic rating of the safety boots:

  • The safety boots have to resist the ability of oil on the outer sole.
  • This boot has to resist the 1100N penetration force.
  • Energy absorbing heel with anti-static Property.
  • Water resisting ability on the upper side of the boot.
  • Water and penetration resistant outsole.

There are many safety boots manufacturer companies who follow the roles of safety boots manufacture properly. There are many Chainsaw safety boots manufacturer companies in the market. So it is difficult to find out the best type of chainsaw safety boots for your own.

History of Chainsaw boots

At the time of the 1980s a man named Kjell Eng the founder of Entex first got the idea to take fabric for the safety of the cut prevents. He was very serious about chainsaw safety. And the chainsaw protection fabric was brown. Then it was very much useful for the chainsaw operator. But it failed to protect from other accidents with deep cut and leather outcome. In the middle time of 1980, Mr. Kjell developed a second-generation chainsaw protection system and in 1989 he granted his first pattern. The third-generation safety boots are developed in 1992. Then they combined with fabric and metal named the Antarctic. It had not only the washability but also the over safety system than the previous design. But metal covered boots are heavy weighted boots. Which is not comfortable for long time work. Now a day’s Special metal alloy is used in the position of the metal. So that the chainsaw boots are more lightweight than previous metal covered in the boots. And it is more comfortable for the operator.


From this discussion, we think that it will be helpful for you then you want to buy chainsaw boots. And you could safe from unfortunate danger.

Here we review four types of chainsaw boots and we think these boots are best from others and they having class 3classification.  So that you can choose any of them which you prefer most and which type will mass with your work type. Like if you work in the firefighting area then you have to take Viking Footwear Firefighter Chainsaw Waterproof FR Boot.

The boots are made with that rubber which is to resist all types of a foreign substance. This type of rubbers is also had chemical protection ability.

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