Best Gas Pole Saw (Reviews and Buying Buying Guide 2020)

A pole saw is an immensely valuable tool for the garden owner. Every garden owner wants to keep their garden, yard, and house appointed. So they had to take some steps to decorate their nursery or home. If you have rape trees in your garden, you sometimes need to cut some branches of the tree to give them a proper shape of the tree or require this for other small trees.

It is dangerous to cut a branch by climbing on the tree. It is easy for a professional worker, not for a homeowner. So if you want to cut unnecessery branches of the tree quickly and safely, then you need a pole saw. Using this, you can easily and safely complete your job. Here we are reviewing some Best gas pole saw

Table of Contents1 Top Rated and popular Gas Pole Saw2 1. MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw3 2. PROYAMA 26cc 5 in 1 Trimming Tool4 3. PanelTech 5 in 1 52CC Brush Cutter Hedge Trimmer Pruning Chainsaw Grass Trimmer and Extension Pole5 4. BLUE MAX 53542 32.6 cc Gasoline Pole Saw6 5. Husqvarna 525PT5S 12 inch 25.4 cc Telescopic 156 inch Pole Saw7 8 Buying guide of a pole saw.9 Safety guide for a pole saw operation.10 Which chainsaw is perfect for you, and why?    

Top Rated and popular Gas Pole Saw

MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw

4.2/ 5

MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw



Product Dimensions

140 x 11.5 x 11.5 inches


15 feet

PROYAMA 26cc 5 in 1 Trimming Tool

4/ 5

Best gas pole saw



Package Dimensions

44.5 x 12.75 x 12.37 inches


30.8 pounds

1. MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw

The MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw is one of the most quality full, and top-rated pole saw on our list. The 42.7CC two-cycle engine made them powerful and increased their ability to cut branches of the tree. This engine is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This machine creates less sound and smoke and won’t do hard to body.

MAXTRA Gas Pole Saw

The pole length of the saw can be increased from 8.2 to 11.4 feet. This machine can cut down the tree branches up to 15 feet from the ground without using any leader.

This machine can easily cut down 7 to 9-inch limbs with more efficiency and effectiveness. This machine also able to convert to other devices easily. You can easily use it as a hedge trimmer, string trimmer or brush cutter by adding an extension. It is a significant advantage for the owner.

They also provide a carry bag with the machine and also give a 1year warranty for the device.


  • 42.7 CC engine used here.
  • Overall Bar length of the pole saw is 10-inch.
  • Convertible to another machine
  • 1-year warranty
  • Carrying bag included.

Things I like

  • The engine is very powerful.
  • The handle is comfortable with the grip.
  • Create less vibration and noise
  • Oil level indicator
  • Certified by EPA

Things i dislike

  • Manual oiling system for the bar and chain.
  • The instruction manual didn’t write correctly.

2. PROYAMA 26cc 5 in 1 Trimming Tool

The PROYAMA pole saw is a multi-types tool. It used not only for the pole saw but also for gas kedge trimmer, String trimmer, Brush cutter. They used 26 cc engine with EPA certification. It won’t cause any pollution and not harmful to the human body.

Best gas pole saw

They used 12-inch cutting length with adjustable pole. When you want to run this machine for work, you must wear a shoulder harness, an ear protector, gloves helmet, or face protector for your safety. Because it is a powerful machine, and it works on the upper side of your head. You shouldn’t make any negligence to wear your protection, don’t worry about the safety gourd price issue because the PROYAMA will give you one set of safety gourds with the machine.

They also provide four other cutting tools included with this, which make it a multi-tool.

This machine is a little bit heavier than other pole saw. But the cutting ability of the device is incomparable, which took this machine another level.

The price of this machine is slightly higher than that of other devices because of the extra trimming tools and safety gourds. But if you think about the single rate of the product, then you realize this price is not much rather than less.


  • cutting Bar length of the pole saw is 12-inch.
  • 26 CC engine with EPA certified.
  • Convertible to another four machines.
  • Safety gourds are included.
  • 1-year warranty

Things I like

  • You can reach up to 11.4 feet with the extension bar.
  • Five different types of work are possible to complete by this machine.
  • Safety harness helps you to reduce vibration and ear protector safe your ear.
  • They give a 1-year warranty.
  • Certified by EPA

Things i dislike

  • Weight is higher than other complete gas pole saw machines.
  • It is challenging to work with five types of tools for the first time.

PanelTech 5 in 1 52CC Brush Cutter

3.2/ 5

PanelTech 5 in 1 52CC Brush Cutter


PanelTech Ltd



BLUE MAX 53542 32.6 cc Gasoline Pole Saw

3.4/ 5

 BLUE-MAX Gasoline Pole Saw


North American Tool Industries


43 x 12 x 13 inches


21.9 pounds

3. PanelTech 5 in 1 52CC Brush Cutter Hedge Trimmer Pruning Chainsaw Grass Trimmer and Extension Pole

The PanelTech mighty pole saw is a multiple saw. It completes 5 types of jobs in one machine, just changing its head. Those are brush cutter, pruner, hedge trimmer, trimmer and pole saw. It is merely changeable without hampering. Thus machines also fit for the upper work because of their lightweight. It is one of the best multi cutter ever.

PanelTech 5 in 1 52CC Brush Cutter

52CC 16.5KW Power boost vortex engine made the machine powerful, effective, and efficient. But it creates low noise. They use a 10-inch bar and chain for the cutter. T hey also provide other cutting tools. Toolkit and some other accessories with the machine. The maximum pole length of the pole is 43.31 inches, and it is possible to cut a maximum of 13 feet from the ground.

PanelTech is a handy machine and saves time and energy during the working period. It helps your gardening work, bush cutting, and the branch cutting work and cut the branches of any type of tree-like cake.


  • 10-inch cutter used for cut.
  • 52 CC engine with 1.65KW rated power made it powerful.
  • Engine speed 3000rpm/min made this machine faster.
  • 1200ml capacity of the fuel tank.
  • The weight of the machine is 15 pounds.

Things I like

  • this machine is very lightweight, so that is comfortable to use.
  • It is faster durable so that you can save your time.
  • Additional accessories give you protection and save your money.
  • It is a massive duty pole saw.
  • Create low noise.

Things i dislike

  • Price is a little bit higher than other multi cutters.
  • BLUE MAX 53542 32.6 cc Gasoline Pole Saw

4. BLUE MAX 53542 32.6 cc Gasoline Pole Saw

The BLUE MAX 53542 pole saw is a budget-friendly for those people who are searching a mighty and great controlled pole saw. It is comfortable for the new user because of their entry vibration mode. Safety clothes are also giving extra protection to the operator. The designers designed it with more balance, primarily when you work on the upper side. So you feel comfortable working.

Gasoline Pole Saw

They used a 32.6 cc gasoline engine with a 10-inch bar and chain. Idle speed of the machine is 2700 to 3400 RPM. The secure starting system made this machine more comfortable.

The BLUE MAX didn’t give any warranty for their machine. So you will be facing some problem if it will be creating a problem. Otherwise, this machine is budget-friendly, user friendly, and also durable. So don’t need to worry about the warranty. You could have a pleasant experience working with this machine.


  • 10-inch cutting bar used in this machine.
  • 32.6 CC engine made it powerful.
  • Weight is 21.9 pounds.
  • 3/8” pitch chain used here.
  • The maximum idle speed is 3400RPM.

Things I like

  • this machine can cut more massive logs because of its 10-inch bar.
  • It is a mid-range machine with a 32.6 cc engine.
  • The entry vibration system made it comfortable with additional control.

Things i dislike

  • This machine is almost 22 pounds.
  • This machine creates extra noise.

Husqvarna 525PT5S 12 inch pole saw

Husqvarna 525PT5S 12 inch pole saw



Item Weight

20 pounds

5. Husqvarna 525PT5S 12 inch 25.4 cc Telescopic 156 inch Pole Saw

The Husqvarna is a great and honorable name is the wood cutting industry. The provided quality and durable products from their birth. So they made a different position on their customer’s minds.

525PT5S Telescopic pole saw is one of the great tools of the Husqvarna brand. It is high, and also lightweight pole saw. It can cut larger branches of the tree even able to work more top position of the tree than other pole saw. The full length of the pole saw is 13 feet, and it can cut 16 to 18 feet higher from the ground.

Husqvarna 525PT5S 12 inch pole saw

Amazingly, this machine can cut far from the other pole saw. When you reach maximum distance from the ground, you have to face problems controlling the pole saw. But the Husqvarna 525PT5S Telescopic pole saw is lightly weighted than other machines. So you don’t have to face any problem to cut so far.

25.4 cc and 1.34 HP motor with 12-inch bar can cut soft or hard any type of wood. This machine’s price is almost three times higher than other pole saw because of its excellent quality, lightweight, workability, and durability.


  • 12-inch cutting bar used in this machine.
  • 25.4 CC with 1.34HP motor made it powerful.
  • The weight is 20 pounds.
  • Two year’s manufacturer’s warranty.

Things I like

  • this machine can cut almost any size of branches.
  • It can cut a higher position than any other machine.
  • You will feel comfortable with its lightweight.
  • Able to work faster.
  • Start quickly and easy to operate.

Things i dislike

  • Price is higher than other pole saw.
  • It is perfect for a professional worker, not for a homeowner.

Buying guide of a pole saw.

From our pole saw reviews, you could see that the best gas pole saw is stacked against each other. The pole saws have a little bit different from each other. So if you feel hesitation in selecting one from here, you can follow our buying guide so that you will be aware that which one will be perfect for you and which one is not. You also learn about the pole saw and their operating system if you are new with a pole saw.

When you are buying a pole, saw then take a look at these below topics.

Different people are comfortable using different types. So first you have to decide which kind of job you need to finish by the pole saw. How much height do you need to reach by the pole saw? If you have a proper and clear idea about this, then you are on the right track.

Now we will describe which thing you have to focus on then you buy a pole saw.


It is a most important issue for the pole saw operator that how much height he has to reach by the pole saw. The length of the pole saw is not the same. It does not depend only on the pole length but also depends on the operator’s high. If the operator height is more than others, then he will reach more height than others.

The maximum length of the pole is 13 feet, and sometimes the pole became telescopic. So you can see your cutting points.


If you want to do any type of pole, saw work by one pole saw. Then you have to buy the best gas pole saw; otherwise, if you select Electric Chainsaw or battery pole saw, then it will be less powerful than gas pole saw. They also need a cable or electrical power source to run their saw. If you buy a 23 to 43 cc gas pole saw, they can cut any type and any size of branches of the tree. If the wood is durable, but they also cut by the gas pole saw like a cake.


Gas pole saw is a powerful machine, so at the power generating time or working time, they make an extra sound. And this type of sound is harmful to the human body. So select a pole saw how to create less noise or use ear protection, then you will run a gas pole saw.


Weight is a very important issue. You have to think about the pole saw. While the heavier part of the pole saw will go far end, so because of gravity force, it becomes heavier than its own.

You must broaden this saw over your head for expanded periods, so even a lighter saw will give him some physical effort. You have to find a lightweight pole saw for your own if you are a small or physically not healthy person. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to operate a pole saw if you are not stronger.

Bar length

Bar length is another critical issue for the bar length. If you reach the branch height and your pole saw has a much power to cut the branch, but if the bar length is not enough for the branch diameter. Then you could not complete your job. So the bar length is very important for the pole saw.

An eight-inch bar is capable of cutting an eight-inch branch or below eight inches. As well as a twelve-inch bar is capable of cutting a maximum twelve-inch diameter branch and any diameter, which is less than twelve-inch. So choose the perfect size that you need to work with the branches you need to trim.


In the woodcutting industry, the pole saw to do some need-able work. So you have to ensure that your pole saw has enough strength and it would give you proper service for a long time. So you have to make sure about the materials of the pole saw. You have to focus on that thing

  • Chain and bar must be made with steel.
  • Pole saw you must have a metallic cover for the bar.
  • Heavy-duty plastic will make the outer shape.


The mechanism of the gas pole saw is different from the Electric Chainsaw or battery pole saw. So the maintenance of this machine is different from them. The gas pole saw has some additional parts, so the support of this machine is more than the other. But one thing is remember-able, repairing of the gas pole saw is less than the electric or battery pole saw. So the repair cost also less than them.

Fuel efficiency

This pole saw is a gas pole saw, and they use gas for their fuel. Gas is an expensive fuel for the pole saw. So you have to choose a pole saw which will be fuel-efficient. So that you could save your money. Otherwise it will make your pocket running dry.

Our suggestion is before buying a gas pole saw, observe their feedback of the real customers. You have to notice which feedback you see that provided by a trusted and authority website.

Eco friendly

Make sure that which pole saw you are selecting or you want to buy that is eco-friendly. You have to sure that the engine of the pole saw is certified by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Such a motor ought to have no outflow. In the long run, it will leave you with zero contamination on the earth of utilization.

Safety guide for a pole saw operation.

The safety issue is the most important part of any type of work, and pole saw safety issue is not different from them rather than it is more important than others. When a powerful cutting saw work upper side of your head, Then you need proper protection to do your job safely.

Proper light

When you work 10 to 12 feet above your head, you need to see your focusing point of the branch and the top of the cutting bar. If you could not see your target correctly, it could cause a serious injury. So never work without proper daylight. It is not right to work at the sunset time because you don’t get adequate light, So you have to be sincere about this.


Safety equipment

Safety equipment is made for our protection at the working time. We need to use that equipment properly. To keep Yourself safe from the pole saw you need to wear a safety helmet, face and eyes protection glass, ear protection safety gloves and safety pans or chaps. These safety gourds will save you from any kind of accident that occurred by pole saw.

Before start inspection your machine

You need to know very well about the multifunction of the machine. It is quite essential for you and your tools. A gas pole saw is a functional machine, so it needs to maintain appropriately.

Clean the machine properly, check the oil level of the chain and bar, check engine oil, check the tightness of the chain. All the checking has to complete before starting the work. Otherwise, it becomes a dangerous issue for you.

Pay attention surrounding of yours.

You are working with a pole saw, which is eight to ten feet long. So you need to focus surrounding of yours. There are many things like electric ware, another tree branch, or roof of the building nearby to your working area. Remember about the position of those elements and be aware of them.

Which chainsaw is perfect for you, and why?    

We recommended you buy the best gas pole saw. Because pole saw are always light weighted, and they made for light work. But it almost happens that the branches are too hard. At that time, other pole saw became fail to do their duty.

We recommended you gas pole saw at first for this reason. A gas pole saw is faster heavier durable than others. On the other hand, sometimes there it happens that your house is far from your garden. And there is no electricity there. So you have to use a gas pole saw is this situation.

It is difficult to find the best quality pole saw for you. Proper use of your money depends on it. But don’t worry, we are here to suggest some best pole saw in 2020. Let’s have a look at the best gas pole saw in 2020.


 The best gas pole saw can make easier your yards work and also can save you time. It is possible when you select a right, and perfect pole saw for you. Anyhow if you choose the wrong one, then it will be harmful to you. In the previous discussion, our gas pole saw reviews help you to select the perfect one. Because we discuss the best gas pole saw here. So be aware before selecting and buying a pole saw. We wish you mined our pole saw buying guide and would take your stapes in the right direction.

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