Best Electric Chainsaw Buying guide (Which can help You to buy best one)

A chainsaw brought an unbelievable change in the woodcutting industry. In the first life, people were cutting trees by ax or manual wood cutting saw that was very hard and time spending. The first patterned of chainsaw made by a great German orthopedic named Bernhard Heine in 1830. In this instrument, several teeth arranged with a chain that is moving by a sprocket wheel. And it was turned by a handle.

Electric Chainsaw part

By using this theory James Shanda Canadian millwright patterned and developed the first portable chainsaw in 1918. After that in Buford Cox and Andreas Stihl developed a modern electric chainsaw in 1926 and gasoline-powered chainsaw is developed in 1929 by them. Then they founded a company to produce this chainsaw machine.

Now a day’s electric chainsaw and gasoline chainsaw machine are the main chainsaw machine in the market. They are also a very hard competitor in the market. In the last decade, the Electric Chainsaw was not famous as a gasoline chainsaw machine.

But in the last ten to fifteen years a large development occurred in this industry. Most of the developments have occurred in the electric chainsaw industry. Especially in the cordless chainsaw. This has become possible because of the innovation of high capacity lithium batteries. This battery is perfect for the motor, especially for the brushless motor. These days 3D printers are doing amazing work. They are making the perfect shape of the tools and machine body accurately following the design. So the durability of the machine and tools are unbelievable nowadays.

Buying guide of best electric chainsaw

Which is the perfect chainsaw – Electric Chainsaw or Gasoline Chainsaw?

Here we can discuss the Electric and gas chainsaw so that the new user and sometimes the old users can understand the comparison and easily realize that which one is the best for him. So let’s have a look at their comparison.

Sound :

The gas engine chainsaw makes 105 decibels loud at the working time and the Electric chainsaw makes near about 100 decibels loud at the working time. In both machine operating time, we have to use a sound protector on your ear. So we can say that there is no mush difference here. Both chainsaw are almost the same in this situation.

Weight :

The weight of a 50-cc 18-inch bar gas engine chainsaw is 11 to 12 pounds. On the other hand, the same configurations of electric chainsaws weight are 11 pounds to 14 pounds. So that from this line we know that the electric chainsaw is heavier than the gas chainsaw.

But it is not a big problem. Because most of the electric chainsaw is very smooth in its cutting. They also create less vibration than gas chainsaw because of their extra weight.


Time :

If we think about small wood cutting work near your property then electric chainsaw is more than faster than the gas chainsaw. You don’t have to lose your time because of fuel filling. Just charge the battery and go for work. The best electric chainsaw is too good than a gas chainsaw.

But if we think about professional work in the jungle or were has no electricity then gas chainsaw is perfect for those situations.

Chain :

A sharpen chain is a very essential part of the booth chainsaw. Electric chainsaw or gas chainsaw both need this. But sometimes you need a chain sharpener to sharpen your chain. But it not possible every time. So you have to carry another one extra chain. So that when you feel that your chain is becoming Sharpless then you can change the chain and continue your work. At the same time, you can get much time to sharpen the saw chain.

Maintenance :

Maintenance of the electric chainsaw is very easy. This chainsaw able to give you a signal when the oil level is low. So that you can get proper stapes to recovery it.

On the other hand, you have to clean properly in every single area of the gas that you will get proper feedback from them.

What is the workability of the electric chainsaw?

Depending on the workability of the electric chainsaw, there are three classifications are made.

 The first one is called light workability. This type of electric chainsaw complete simple type of work like small tree or branches cutting. They became light weighted and the power of the machine is less than others. Price also reasonable for this machine. It is a favorite for those homeowners who need to complete a small type of work. The chain gourds are also smaller in this machine.

The second type of machine is called a medium-duty chainsaw. This machine is larger and stronger than the other light-duty chainsaw. The weight of the machine is 10 to 13 pounds. This machine is familiar with the firm work and the firewood.

Third and last one is the heavy-duty electric chainsaw. It is a larger weightier and powerful electric chainsaw. This machine is perfect for professional users who work in the woodcutting industry. This type of chainsaw is perfect for the wide firewood, large size logs of trees, and hardwood. These machines are near about 22 pounds weighted. Mostly these types of machines are the real competitor of a gas chainsaw.

Corded or cordless which chainsaw is better?

Both electric chainsaws have some advantages and some disadvantages. So it is difficult to say one is better than another chainsaw. Nevertheless have a look both of this machine and try to find out advantage and disadvantage both of this machine. The electric chainsaw has to power conditions. One is cordless and another one is corded.

Corded chainsaw

The corded chainsaw is light weighted than the cordless chainsaw. Instant work is possible by this machine. Just plug in the cord and start your job. This machine is perfect for the small and medium type of work. The power of the machine is measured by the motor power and you cannot work without the cord length. It is the great limitation of the corded chainsaw machine.

Features of the corded chainsaw

  • Normally 8 to 14 APM motor are used in corded chainsaw depending on their model and power.
  • Weight of the chainsaw is 6 to 14 pounds
  • Extension of cord gives you workability far from the area. But it is not more than 100 to 150 feet.
  • It gives you instant power.

Cordless chainsaw

A cordless electric chainsaw is weightier than the corded chainsaw. This machine has no bounds in its work area. You can carry it anywhere you want. The power of this machine is counted by the battery voltage. Mostly 24 to 82 volts battery is used in this type of machine. This machine is low risky than the corded chainsaw. In one full charge, you can work more than 2 hours depends on battery workability.

Features of the cordless chainsaw

  • Normally 24 to the 82-volt battery are used in this type of machine.
  • There is no boundary to work with this machine
  • The weight of this type of machine is 5 to 21 pounds depends on the model.
  • Possible continued workability is 2 hours in one charge with one battery.
  • Heavy types of a cordless electric chainsaw is a better competitor of a gas chainsaw.

Safely use of a chainsaw

Before start work with the chainsaw, you must have to wear proper safety gear like helmet, gloves, glasses, boots pants, etc. it will save you from any type of unfortunate accident.

You have to take a clear concept about the chainsaw which you are going to run.

You also have to take basic knowledge about wood cutting roles. So that you could complete your job so faster with safety.

Never input extra force to the machine. The rotational energy of the chain can throwback to you. One thing is very important that never lose control of the running chainsaw machine.

Is the electric chainsaw better than petrol?

The electric chainsaws are improved day by the bay. Now they have light, medium, and heavy-duty chainsaw in their list. Now the heavy-duty electric chainsaw is the best electric chainsaw in the market. Because they are as much as stronger, faster, durable as a gas chain.

Now come to the point how can we say the electric is better than gas?

The electric chainsaw is light weighted than the gas chainsaw. So the operator can easily move it and they can continue their work without feeling tired or face any hassle. The vibration of the electric chainsaw is lower than the gas chainsaw. They also rely less on noise than the gas chainsaw.

Gas or petrol chainsaw relies on flumes and carbon-dioxide which is harmful to the environment. In this case, electric chainsaws are 100 times better than them. There is no inconvenience to filling gas or petrol in an electric chainsaw.

Another most important issue is the price. An electric chainsaw is cheaper than a gas chainsaw. In an electric chainsaw, you can buy your machine depending on your work type. If you want to do light work then you need a light machine and if you need to do professional type work then you need a heavy-duty machine. For this reason, you have to pay small money for a light electric chainsaw or you need a heavy-duty machine then you have to spend a lot of money. You will get this facility only in the electric chainsaw.


At last, we realize that depending on the present situation there are no options without an electric chainsaw. Now a day we can buy the best electric chainsaw for us. Which will be eco-friendly, budget-friendly, comfortable, and also durable.

Electric chainsaw became Irresistible because of their low vibration, low noise, low weight, and no flumes nature. So the buyers have to think a second time before buying a gas chainsaw. Because this time is for electric type machinery globalization.

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