Best Chainsaw Gas Can (Which can help you to reserve fuel)

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Do you have a gas chainsaw? Are you suffering to refuel it?

Then let’s make a solution to this problem and know about the best chainsaw gas can. So that we can remove from suffering for refuel problem.

A Chainsaw machine user must need a gas can to continue run chainsaw machine. we are reviewing here some best category gas can. you can select here best one. Fuel is the impetus of a chainsaw and a combo gas can be the safety tank of the fuel. Every gas power chainsaw needs fuel before start its job.

A chainsaw fuel can is not a normal plastic can. It’s a combo fuel can where gas and oil both are reserved in. you can easily use it in your site with safety.

So let’s have a look at the chainsaw fuel can which is the best in the market and also presentable.  

Top 5 Chainsaw Gas Can Review

Husqvarna Combi Oil and Fuel Can 580 75 42-01

4.9/ 5

Husqvarna Combi Oil and Fuel Can


0.01 x 0.01 x 0.01 inches


3.92 pounds



GARAGE BOSS GB320 Briggs and Stratton Press ‘N Pour Gas Can, 2+ Gallon, Red

4.6/ 5



10 x 7.5 x 10 inches

Item Weight

1.32 pounds



Husqvarna Combi Oil and Fuel Can 580 75 42-01

The Husqvarna Combi oil and fuel can 580 75 42-01 is one of the best gas can in our list. It is a comb can you can reserve oil and fuel here in the proper ratio.

The design of this can is a very advanced level. For this reason, it took the number one position on our list.

Husqvarna Combi Oil and Fuel Can


This Husqvarna Combi oil and fuel can 580 75 42-01 made with high-quality plastic so that there is no chance to linkage the oil or gas.

It has a push valve which helps you to refill the gas rapidly with zero wastage. This valve is designed for the Husqvarna chainsaw, but it could easily fit with another chainsaw. Fuel capacity of this can is 2.5 to 5 litres’ maximum. It also makes a proper ratio of fuel and chainsaw oil. So you have to be tension free about the mixing of gas and oil.

You can use the Husqvarna Combi oil and fuel can 580 75 42-01 not only for oil and gas caring tank but also use as small tools caring box. Because it has those areas where you can keep your chainsaw related tools.


  • It made with high-quality plastic. So it is not possible to make a hole on it.
  • It has a clear white border. So you can easily check the fuel level on there.
  • It makes the proper ratio of gas and oil.
  • The advance technologist valve used here which make zero wastage.


  • It is a little heavier than others.
  • Price is a little higher than others can.

GARAGE BOSS GB320 Briggs and Stratton Press ‘N Pour Gas Can, 2+ Gallon, Red

The GARAGE BOSS GB320 Briggs is another one best chainsaw gas can in our list. It is a very simple but effective design for the gas flow.

The dimension of this can is 10 x 7.5 x 10 inches and the weight of the can is 1.32 pounds.



The speciality of this can is its flow control valve. The working system of the valve is very easy. There is no linkage happens in this valve. Even if you open the front cap. It comes in the market 1 gallon to 5 gallons’ size in the market. It has a super-fast flow system.

You just simple push at the top ted button then the flow will be started. But if you remove your figure from the push button then the flow will be instantly stopped. It is perfect for the chainsaw and others which need gas.


  • Zero per cent linkage system.
  • Super-fast gas flow
  • Easy working system
  • Low price


  •  There is no system to see the gas level from the outside.
  • Need for mixed gas and oil manually.

Surecan CRSUR22G1 Gasoline CAN, 2.2 Gallon, Red

4.7/ 5

Surecan CRSUR22G1 Gasoline CAN, 2.2 Gallon, Red


15 x 15 x 10 inches


1.6 ounces



Justrite 7210320 AccuFlow 1 Gallon, Galvanized Steel Type II Blue Safety Can

4.8 / 5

Blue Safety Can

Item Diameter

9-1/2 inches




0.010 ounces

Surecan CRSUR22G1 Gasoline CAN, 2.2 Gallon, Red

The Surecan CRSUR22G1 gasoline can is one of the unique design and it has a different type of working system. If you work with large size of gasoline can then it is unbeatable.

Surecan CRSUR22G1 Gasoline CAN, 2.2 Gallon, Red


The dimension of this can is 15X15X10 inches and the weight is 1.6 ounces.

It has a special release valve which can rotate more than 180 dirges and is sets at the bottom of the can. So it is easier to flow the fuel than others, especially when you will use the large can. Because it is difficult to turn over the heavy can.

It has a double push valve which makes extra safety system for the flow. So that children are save from this.

The flow system of this gas can is so fast and there is a bad side of this can is when you will remove your finger from the push switch it makes a little flow of gas.


  • No need to turn over the gasoline can.
  • The release valve rotates more than 180 dirges.
  • Relies on fuel firstly.
  • This jar is perfect for the large size.


  • Flow little bit fuel after closing the valve.
  • There is no way to see the fuel level from the outside.

Justrite 7210120 AccuFlow 1 Gallon, Galvanized Steel Type II Red Safety Can With 5/8″ Flexible Spout

The Justrite 7210120 AccuFlow 1 Gallon can is one of the most secure and best chainsaw gas can I have seen ever.

Blue Safety Can


The dimension of this gasoline can is 9.5 inches’ diameter and height 10.5 inches and fuel capacity is 1 gallon to 5 gallons.

It is made with Stainless steel flame arrester which has exceptional corrosion protection system. Here Justrite used a heavy spring cork and 9 inches long and 5/8-inch diameter hose pipe for release fuel. Though it is made with stainless steel so the weight of this can is 5.4 pounds.

If you turn over this can there is no fuel will be leakage here. Ever the can would be full of fuel. One of the major topics is if you store fuel on it there is no spell you will get.

The flow of the fuel of this can is better than any other can in the taker almost 1monute and 5 seconds for a total flow of the gasoline. But if the nozzle is narrow so you will never face difficulties for the faster flow. And it is easily adjustable for any kind of chainsaw and another machine which run by gasoline.

There are color verities you will see in the marker. The color is separated by their working type. Below image will help you to the choice perfect one for you.



  • It is durable than others
  • There is no smell released for it.
  • There is no waste of gasoline that happened here.
  • It is rust and fireproof.


  • It is heavier than any other fuel can.
  • Price is higher than other

No-Spill 1405 2-1/2-Gallon Poly Gas Can

The No-Spill 1405 2-1/2-Gallon Poly Gas Can is another one best gas can in our list. It is very effective but low prices gas can on our list.

Gallon Poly Gas Can


The dimension of this can is 13 x 13 x 11 inches and the weight of this gallon is 1.08 pounds.

This Can have an easy push valve to flow the fuel. The nozzle of this Can is 7 to 8 inches’ long. It also has a clear glass system. So that we can see the fuel level easily.

There is a fuel filter on its mouth. So that fuel dust cannot enter into the Can. The flow of this valve is faster than many other types of gasoline can in the market.

There is no overflow or extra flow happened when you release the push button. The nozzle of this gas can is very smooth and it can easily have fitted with any kind of machine. but if you want to use it in the car then you need an extra funnel for easily fill the fuel.


  • It is low prices but durable.
  • For the clear glass on its body, you can see the fuel level.
  • In this gas can, there is no fuel wastage is happened.
  • It is leak proof.


  • It can not easily have fitted with the car and need an extra funnel for it.
  • You need to push the release valve to release the air from the can.

How to select the best gas can for you, which you need?

To select your gas can you have to clarify some topics. Which helps you to buy the perfect one.

  1. 1Which type of gas can you need, metallic or plastic?
  2. 2What type of capacity Can you need?
  3. 3What is the fuel flow rate?
  4. 4Air breather.
  5. 5Your budget.

Before buying a gas can you have to decide that you need metallic gas can or plastic gas. Metallic cans price is a little bit higher than plastic which we told above. So you have to think about the metallic can that you are ready to spend the money.

The second thing you have to remember that, the capacity of the can. If you select a large size can but that is not perfect for the chainsaw or other small tools, then it will be a waste of money if you buy it that type of machine. On the other hand, if you select a small type of can then the capacity of the gas will not be perfect for the mower or large type of machine, so if you need it for small type tools then you can buy a small can and if you need for the large machine then you can buy a large one. That’s will be the proper use of money.

It is the most important issue, the flow rate of the can. If the flow will be slow that will waste your time. On the other hand, if it will be very fast then it can make overflow if you use it in small tools. Because small tools tank capacity will be small. So you have to select that type of flow can which will easily have fitted with the small or large both type of tank and the flow will be controlled very fast. I mean that when you remove your finger from the switch the fuel flow will be instantly off.

Air breather is an important issue for the gas can. It founded inside of the gas can and it stays upper side of the can. it discharges the pressure that generally develops inside the can. It has two compartments for the air and gasoline.

Price is the last but most important issue for buying not only a can but also anything’s. you have to spend money on that can which you need. When you need small can no need to buy a large one that could save you money. On the other hand, you have to think about the longevity of the can. If you spent much money but the can is durable, then it will give you much feedback than the chipper one.


At the end of this article we will suggest you, if you need a gas can for the chainsaw or than the type of small tools, you have to buy a small or medium-size gas can. That will be perfect for the small tools. It will save money of yours and also work properly with your needs. You can buy anyone from our list because they are the top category gas can in the market.

But if you buy it for the chainsaw then we will recommend you to buy Husqvarna Combi Can. because it is specially designed for the chainsaw and it is the best chainsaw gas can of the market.

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